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How To Increase Productivity And Feel Your Best When Working From Home

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Nowadays, working remotely has become the new normal. Although there are many benefits of this new routine, many employees find it challenging to strike a healthy work-life balance when their meeting room is their kitchen table. 

Oftentimes, many who WFH find themselves more distracted and stressed out than they were in an office setting. Luckily, many of your work-from-home woes can be resolved with a few breaks throughout the day. Taking a much-deserved break from your remote work gives you time to refresh and rejuvenate. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of WFH break ideas that will get you feeling recharged, uplifted, and more productive than ever before.

What should I do during my break? 

Soak up the sun (sort of)

Ideally, every day would be a gorgeous 70-degrees with a slight breeze, and perfect for a walk around the block by yourself, with your spouse, or alongside your pup. 

Of course, while a stroll outside is a great option, we understand that it isn’t always feasible. Rainy weather, a day packed full of meetings, whatever your situation, sometimes the outdoors just aren’t accessible. But did you know you don’t even have to go outside to benefit from the sun’s healing rays? A fantastic alternative to direct sunlight is LED light therapy. Read on to learn more about the benefits of light therapy and how it can improve your WFH lifestyle.

What are the benefits of LED light therapy?

According to the Mayo Clinic, exposure to bright, white lights helps increase the amount of Vitamin D to the body. Vitamin D is essential for boosting mood, regulating sleep, fighting fatigue, and improving overall focus. 

How to get started? 

When prepping for your light therapy treatment, it is important to understand the basics. Below are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your session. 
  • Get the right lamp: When looking for an LED lamp, you want to select a high-quality, well-researched option that you can trust. We recommend Lumos Light Therapy Lamp because of it’s 10,000 LUX, UV-free design, multiple brightness options, and long-lasting battery life. 
  • Stay consistent: It is important to stick to a routine when using light therapy. One great way is to select a light box that is compact, portable, and able to travel wherever you do! The Leo Light Therapy Lamp is a great choice because it’s small in size, but mighty in light power. 

How to use your lamp: 

Below are some helpful steps to help you get started:
  1. Place the lamp 16-18 inches away from your face. 
  2. Turn it on to your desired brightness setting. 
  3. Let it shine for 15-60 minutes depending on results and doctor recommendation.
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Exercise and move around 

From hour long yoga sessions, to 10 minute micro-workouts, it is essential to keep your blood pumping and body moving. We know that a long, detailed workout might not always be possible, so we’ve compiled a short list of workout ideas to do in 20 minutes or less.  
  • Quick exercise video: No, you don’t need to ask mom for one of her old workout tapes. Easily find a free video of your desired duration with a simple Google or YouTube search. 
  • Buy a stationary bike: Stationary bikes are a great way to get a workout in without having to leave the comfort of your home. Alternatively, if biking is not part of your mid-workday vibe, there are also great pedal exercisers to use right from your seat. 
  • Tackle some chores: You have to do them anyway, so not get started on your post-workday chores early? You might not realize it, but cleaning toilets, folding laundry, and taking out the trash can cause you to break a sweat. 

  • An assortment of healthy snacks

    Prepare a delicious snack 

    One way to get you out of work-mode is to whip up something yummy to eat. On top of being scrumptious, eating a healthy, well-balanced snack can give you that extra boost of energy needed to finish out the day. We’ve made a list of some creative food options to try while you WFH. 
  • Yogurt with Granola and Fresh Berries 
  • Avocado Toast 
  • DIY Trail Mix: Combine your favorite nuts, seeds, berries, and anything else you want!
  • Egg Muffins: Whisk eggs, cheese, and any veggies you choose. Pour into a muffin tin and cook until done. 
  • Popcorn: Throw on some seasonings to give it an extra punch of flavor. 
  • Ants on a Log: Who said this snack is strictly for kids? Simply cover your celery sticks in PB and decorate with as many ants (raisins) as you can! 
  • Practice meditation and breathing 

    Meditation and intentional breathing are great ways to blow off steam and re-center during your busy day. According to the Mayo Clinic, spending even a few minutes in meditation and breathwork can help you restore your calm and inner peace. We understand that getting started can seem overwhelming, so we’ve listed a few suggestions to help you along the way.
  • Find a quiet space: Locate a seat somewhere that feels calm and quiet. 
  • Notice your body: Listen to your body and notice any sensations.
  • Feel your breath: Acknowledge and focus on the rise and fall of your breathing. 
  • Be present: Relieve your mind of stress, worry, and responsibility. Simply enjoy being in the moment. If your mind wanders, gently bring it back to the present moment. 
  • Connect with friends and family 

    Have you been meaning to call someone for a while now, but can’t seem to find the time? Your break is the perfect time to connect with friends and family that you might not get to speak to often. Speaking to loved ones is a great way to boost your mood and give you that extra bit of motivation to finish the day with a smile on your face. 

    Since it looks like remote work is here to stay, it’s important that we learn how to strike the right balance in our day. By stepping away from your desk and taking a much-deserved break, you’re giving yourself the chance to reset. By recharging your work-life battery, you are able to come back to your job feeling both positive and productive. 

    Contributing Writer: Jamie Hurt