Woman opening glass doors to let air and natural light in her home

How to Brighten Your Home With Lights that Mimic Sunlight

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- Circadian Optics Brand Team

Natural sunlight has many uses but brightening the home and chasing away depression is among the best benefits of big beautiful open windows. If your home or apartment doesn't face the proper way to allow enough natural light to pour in, there are a few ways to introduce lights that mimic sunlight into your home. Read on to discover a few easy ways to brighten your home and chase the shadows away!

5 Ways To Naturally Brighten The Room

A bright room is inviting and beacons for the inhabitants to spend more time basking in the light. If your small windows don't allow light to filter in there are at least five ways to enhance the natural light you do receive.

  1. Think about adding mirrors! They bounce the light around the room naturally increasing the reach of the natural light already available.
  2. Shiny or see-through furniture helps to bounce the light or let it pass through unhindered. High gloss, metallic, or glass work wonders!
  3. Use live plants to liven up the space. Greenery may not actually make the room brighter, but it does give the illusion of being outside. Bright flowers, large leaf potted plants, and even little herb gardens will bring fragrance and life to the small space, making it seem bigger and brighter.
  4. Colors matter. Light colors bounce the light around the room, dark colors absorb it. If you have a dark carpet and wall color, break it up with furniture that brightens the area!
  5. Using light therapy lamps will not only improve the lighting but your mood as well! Lamps that mimic natural light have an abundance of benefits and come in a variety of styles!

Woman working from her desk with a light therapy lamp

Light Therapy Lamps Improve Lighting In The Room

Using light to brighten a room may seem like a no-brainer, but the type of light matters. Natural light is always the best but lacking the source in the room a lamp that mimics natural light will give more than just reading light. Light therapy lamps help to improve the lighting inside your darkroom and give the feeling of being outside in the natural light.

Natural lighting or light therapy lamps can set off the décor around the room. Shadows are banished from the corners, making the room more inviting. Live plants thrive in the added light, bringing more beauty and more décor from the outside inside.

Perks of Light Therapy Lamps

Other than bringing light to the room, light therapy lamps also have an effect on hormones and brain chemicals. Winter depression from the lack of natural light can be hard to cope with. Having a light therapy lamp can help with the symptoms and decrease the depressive effects of low natural light. There are many other benefits to having a light therapy lamp as well:

  • Regulating your sleep cycle becomes easier with light therapy lamps. Even if you need to be awake at night and sleep during the day, these lamps can help set the circadian rhythms as you need them to regulate your body functions for increased health.
  • Improve your symptoms of depression or boost the effects of medication with a light that mimics the effects of sunlight.
  • Improve sleep by helping to reduce nighttime lighting and increasing the production of melatonin to help you sleep naturally.
  • Increase vitamin D intake and the benefits associated with appropriate amounts of vitamin D. These include daytime energy, bodily function regulation, and serotonin production.

Light therapy lamps come in a variety of types and lighting amounts. The amount of Lux's that are chosen will correspond to the number of benefits that you receive.  For best results choose a lamp that has between 2,500 and 10,000 lux. Using the box between 15 minutes to two hours will help to produce the benefits that are desired.

When using lights that mimic natural sunlight, you may want to consider using at least SPF15 sunscreen. Light therapy lamps do not require sunscreen and can be used daily. However, some light eye strain, headache, or nausea may appear when therapy is initially started but should disappear within a day or two.

Circadian Optics Light Therapy has several designs of light boxes that will fit any décor.  All the available lamps have a 5500k color temperature, 10,000 lux brightness, 99.9% UV filtered light, and over a 50,000-hour lifespan. From small lights that can discreetly sit atop your desk to larger lamps that can grace your end tables, there are many designs to choose from. Allow Circadian Optics to help brighten the light in your home and brighten your mood!