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Circadian Optics Lampu Light Therapy Lamp, Ultra Bright 10,000 Lux Full Spectrum LED Light

1x LAMPU Lamp
1x Adapter
1x User Guide

INSPIRED BY THE SUN | This lamp was designed with a focus on flowing curves and clean lines. From the front, it projects a simple minimalist aesthetic. In the back, the detailing of the venting and subtle use of color adds to the appearance of sophistication and intricate design.

EASY TO USE | Our lamp's revolutionary, quick one-touch operation makes it simple to use. No complicated settings to mess around with. 3 levels allows you to customize the brightness for the best efficacy and comfort.

EFFECTIVE BRIGHTNESS, FULL-SPECTRUM, WHITE LIGHT, UV-FREE | Provides the recommended 10,000 LUX brightness for effective light therapy to help beat the winter blues, regulate sleep, fight fatigue, boost mood, and improve focus. Our lamps produce high-quality light with the right qualities - Pure-white color of the noonday sun (5500K), full-spectrum, and free of unwanted UV rays.

LONGER LASTING LEDs, 2 YEAR WARRANTY, 2019 MODEL UPGRADES | LEDs last approximately 50,000 hours, many times longer than fluorescent bulbs, meaning no replacing expensive bulbs ever again. Both lamp and adapter are covered by Circadian Optic's comprehensive 2 year warranty. 2019 model improvements include an upgraded light panel that emits uniform, dot-free light and an improved adapter further improves reliability and durability.

Our lamps are meant to stand out, but in a good way. Our mission is to provide effective light therapy in a beautifully designed lamp.

Weight: 1.4 pounds
Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 8.8 x 4.75 inches
Power Source: Corded-Electric
Finish: Glossy
Lamp Type: LED

U.S. Pat. No. 6,875,225 B1; 7,678,140 B2; D857,219




This lamp produces a white color light, similar to the noon-day sun.


Intensity for effective light therapy


Avoid any potential damage to the eyes by damaging UV rays.


LED bulbs have an approximately 50,000 hour lifespan, many times that of fluorescents.

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